Each and everyone of us has some skills to teach others. Yes, I am talking about the Skill share platform. In the skill share platform you have teachers who share their skill which they had learned over a period of time. This skill may be anything from cooking to developing webpages. Your skill may also include designing mobile application, designing your coffee mug- which you can make a class of it.

How to create your class

The process of creating a class is very simple. You can make a class using slide show and then use windows movie maker to make a video of it. The slides can be made using Power Point and on the background you can explain in details each and every point. Taking with your students helping them to understand the points. This also  helps you to get connected with them.



Different business model

Udemy is a pay per course business model but skill share has a membership model. In udemy each students has to pay for the class he/she wants to enroll. This payment amount starts from $10 to $500. But in Skill share you have to pay a monthly fee of $10 and enroll in any premium class ( there are two types of class free and premium).

Udemy is bigger than Skill share

Udemy is a much bigger platform compared to Skill share and its student strength is also more. Thereby you have to do more marketing of your classes.

Course duration

The minimum duration of a Udemy course is 30 minutes compared to 10 minutes of Skill share. So the natural tendency of people to go to Skill share and get enrolled to learn a new skill. In Skill share the courses are more creative compared to that of Udemy.

Earning from Skill share

As Skill share runs on a membership model you can earn by encouraging people to join as a premium member on Skill share. For each premium member you bring in you will earn $10. At present Skill share  has introduced a scheme for encouraging people to join as premium member for $0.99 for 3 months and after three months you have to pay $10 per month.

Join as premium member

To start earning from Skill share your course ( in skill share they call it class) should have minimum 25 students enrolled. You can easily get 25 enrollments from various Facebook groups. You can also give your class for free. It depends on you as to how many students you want 10/20 etc. For every free enrollment Skill share give you 1 point and for premium enrollment they give 1.5 points. Then you would get 10 points for people taking part in projects you have given at the end of your classes.

Normally Skill share shares 50% of their earnings among the teachers and all the above points are taken into account when calculating your earnings per month. There is also a teachers challenge program where you can earn $100 and for some categories you can earn $200 ( such as design, cooking etc )

You can start showing your skill as a teacher on Skill share by joining as a Free member but I would strongly suggest that you should  join as a Premium member to generate a passive income stream.

Join as premium member

Enjoy teaching.