One of the largest online marketplace for getting services for $5 is Fiverr. If you visit the website you would come across various types of  services, some of which you can barely imagine.

  • I will display your message on top of Everest Mountain.
  • I will make 10 celebrities to hold your sign.
  • I will hold your sign in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Yes, you are bound to find lots of services to choose from. All these services come for a price of $5. Now every services has something extra added to it which is known as Gig’s. Like if you want to get your services done extra fast you have to pay more. Now this is clearly stated in the services of the providers. Before ordering any services send them an mail stating your requirements. The service provider would get in touch with you if he/she needs something stating details of what they need to provide you the service.

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Some important services you receive from Fiverr

If you are starting with your Internet business, Fiverr is a useful place where you can get your job done at a low cost.

  • Logo design– If you want to stand out in the crowed then logo is a must for you. Hire someone and pay as little as $5 and get your job done. But before hiring somebody please go through his/her testimonials, what here other customers have written about her and her Fiverr rating. Make sure that your logo does not fall into copyright act.


  • Creating Videos- You can create short introductory video for your product. Depending upon what your product/services you provide you instruct the Fiverr guy accordingly. It would always be helpful if you give them a written script.


  • Using Cartoons- If you want make any boring topic to life, cartoons is the best way to do so. You would find lots of guys advertising their cartoon producing services. Before ordering go through the details of their services and see their Fiverr ratings. Please give them a written script about what you want them to show in your cartoon video.


  • Infographics – This is an excellent way to carry you message to your customers. Now if you pay something extra (Gigs) they would do the research and produce the infograph for you. Infograph’s are excellent method for getting traffic to your website/blog or services.
  • Easy to use the site 80%
  • Price 100%
  • Quality of job done 70%
  • Support 75%


Fiverr Pros

  • Easy to use website and you can navigate easily to choose your desired subject.
  • Active community and supportive forum.
  • You can also earn from Fiverr by giving services about things you love to do.

Fiverr Cons

  • 20% revenue sharing service which is quite high.
  • Limited way to get paid Paypal is the major gateway for payment.
  • Holds your fund for 14 days.

In a nutshell Fiverr is a good place to start with. With a bit of searching you can come across some good people to do your job.  Why not give it a try.

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