Peerfly is a CPA network. Hope you are familiar with CPA network- CPA stands for cost per action. Peerfly handles affiliates for several merchants. Yes, it is a affiliate network and not an affiliate program. The difference between CPA network and other affiliate program is CPA network pays your for leads that you bring them and not for the sales you have generated (like

Getting Accepted

If you google the internet you would find lot’s of comments regarding getting accepted in Peerfly. What my personal experience goes with them is that you should be 100% honest in your application. Another thing I suggest not to use any FREE email service like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Instead you register a domain and set a mail account in it like You should also show your present website and how you are promoting it.

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If you face any difficulty then you would get quick responses from your affiliate manager forums and Peerfly blog. As I have mentioned that their are lots of Premium offers in Peerfly to promote. But to succeed with this network one should have a proper business plan to succeed.

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Now if you want to join the No.1 CPA network then Peerfly is the best choice. I have a video in my Youtube channel where you can visit and see how you can find various offers.

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