What is a Vision Board

Each and every day we are bombarded with many ways how we can pursue our dream and leave a life which we have nurtured inside our heart. Now this influx of information in many ways divert us from our path of success/ our aim. This are the goals which we should pursue in order to reach our destination- a destination which we had dreamed. This is the area where the use of Vision board comes into it’s use. Now what ‘Vision Board’ is – Vision Board is atoll which helps you to clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on the specific life goal. In fact Vision Board is any sort of Board in which you want to display  images that represents what you want to be,do or what you want to have in life. As per Wikipedia “A vision board or dream board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires…”  Visit the link for the definition. You can also visit a post on Huffingtonpost for details on Vision Board and its uses.  

What is Visualization

Visualization has a great impact and drive us towards our goal. It creates a never ending force and draws us to our goals which we had set. What is more important picturing our goals has a more visual  effect then normal writing it  on a Vision Board. Now what does your Vision Board does- it creates a visual effect and you are thinking that you have already achieved or near achieving your goals. Now if you want to your visually attractive Vision Board click the link below. Get your Vision Board

What does vision board do:

  • To give clarity to your vision.
  • Reminding you about your goals.
  • Keep you focused towards your goals.

How to make a Vision Board

Steps involved to make a vision board A vision board is simply a board which has a collection of images, quotes, your goals and what you want to achieve in life. Now all the images or quotes etc should have a common goal – to depict your goals in life. Your vision board should help you to achieve your dreams by taking one simple steps at a time.

  • You should have a rough idea about your goals in life. As time passes you can refine it.
  • What is your thought about a good life because different people have different outlook about life’s outcome.
  • What are the activities you want to learn and how can you achieve it.
  • If you are doing it in a board- choose a theme of your choice. You can do in one vision board or use multiple boards
  • Once you have decided your vision board then choose what it should have – inspirational quotes, photos etc.
  • Start collecting inspirational quotes with photos as photos can spread messages much faster then words.
  • Start building your vision board and make sure you fill it with goals which you can achieve.
  • Keep your vision board in such a place where you can view it everyday.
  • Dream your vision board everyday to visualize the process.

To make your Vision Board in a much easier way click the link below Get your Vision Board      

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