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How Best to Get Your Article Published
Now you have "sweated blood "to write your article how do you go about getting it published? Well there are three main ways:-
-Manual Distribution -Semi-automatic Distribution -Automated Distribution
So let's consider each in turn:-
Manual Distribution
As the name suggests this is manually going to each individual website to submit your article. The main advantages are that you have complete control of the submission process and it is FREE.
However the disadvantages far outnumber the advantages as it is very time consuming because:-
-You have to log in to each website.
-You need to build a list of publishers.
You have to maintain this list. Things change very rapidly on the internet! People will come and go on a regular basis.You will probably get "burn out" very quickly. After all you need a lot of patience and commitment to keep going. It can get VERY boring.
Semi-Automated Distribution
This method uses software to enable you to submit your article to web sites etc. The software you can obtain varies from system to system but basically fills in the required fields on each site. This makes it easier than the manual distribution method.
However these systems are not quite as easy as they first appear as certain problems can arise. As with the manual distribution method the data base in these systems can soon become "out of date". Obviously you will have to spend time updating on a regular basis.
However quickly you can distribute your article to each website it is still going to take you some time to distribute to a large number of sites. We could be talking hours here rather than minutes! A lot of sites have "Captcha-type" codes that you have to replicate in order to prove you are human!
This again can slow down the process of submission particularly when submitting to a large number of sites. You also have to check that you have selected the right category for your article each time again slowing things down.
So yes the semi-automated system does have some advantages over the "old fashioned" manual distribution system but nowhere near the advantages of the next type of system in my opinion.
Automated Distribution.
First of all let's start with the disadvantage.
-You have to PAY. Yep there normally is a monthly fee for this service.If you are only going to submit one or two articles a month then it is probably not worth your while joining such a system.
On the other hand if you submit around eight articles per website per month as normally recommended then using an automated distribution service becomes a viable proposition.
So what are the advantages?
What are you paying your hard earned cash for?
-It minimizes  your time by allowing a higher level of distribution allowing you time to write, hopefully, better articles.
-YOU do not have to keep tabs on a website data base. This is done for you.
-You are allowing the experts to do the submissions for you and have the worry of updating a data base all the time.
There are sometimes systems in place which allow you to "alter" your article so that different variations of the same article can be sent to different sites whilst still maintaining a professional image. You will need to see the company websites for details.
You can get advice from professional people who understand the "ins and outs" of article marketing who can direct you to getting the best results. The companies often have access to sites which would not be available to you on your own. With their experience the companies have knowledge of what publishers are looking for and can advise you accordingly.
With some services you can also have your article "drip fed" over a period of time (days, weeks or even months) so that you get a more gradual build up of links which gives certain advantages with the search engine optimization.
So to sum up. If you are serious about article marketing my recommendation is that it is worth paying for the professionals to do your submissions for you.
It will save you a lot of time and heartache whilst enabling you to have more time for other marketing considerations.
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