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Promote Your Products With Video

The ideal affiliate marketing strategy makes the most of the low cost opportunities that the internet has to offer. One of the marketing channels that has proven to be a hit with online marketers is that of the online promotional video. Here I'm going to share with you the simple steps to take to create a video to promote your products on sites such as YouTube and Viddler.

Required equipment. You may need a headset with a microphone so that you can keep the background noise to a minimum. Otherwise it's possible to use any recording device. Basically, if you've got a computer then you are pretty much good to go.

Download your software. There are several free pieces of software for editing video, recording your screen and for creating presentation slides. Be sure to make the most of these - keeping costs low is very wise with affiliate marketing.

Create your script. Scripts usually have 3 columns, one will show the timing, one the voice-over and the other will detail what will happen on the screen. By preparing ahead, you will be well set to deliver a professionally produced video to engage your prospects.

Script content. Cover the product's facts, feature and benefits as well as how to contact you or where to go to get one of these products. If you prefer to deliver a video that is more educational, then still be sure to mention your product and add a subtitle across the bottom with your website address.

Practice your lines. Take the time to read through your script aloud and practice it. This will give you the opportunity of perfecting your delivery and the composition of the script itself. If you've used presentation software such as Powerpoint to create slides, then click through the slides to get familiar with the timing. I usually use one page of narrative per slide and turn over my page as I flick through to the next slide.

Record your computer screen. Once you are ready to go, then click the record button on your software program. You might need to run through this a couple of times to get it perfect.

Edit your production. This is the time to add any opening titles and sub titles. You'll need to mention your affiliate marketing link or the address of your website. You'll also be able to discard any parts of your video that didn't work out quite so well. I find that this is the part of the project that usually takes the longest to do - but the results can certainly be worth the time investment.

Record your voice-over audio. Once you have sliced and diced your video, then it's time to record your narrative. Keep in mind that you do not want to be disturbed, so you might need to ask anybody else at home to keep quiet. Try to read in a way that sounds conversational as opposed to sounding like you are just reading. I also split my audio into smaller pieces so that I can re-record again easily if necessary.

Line the video with the audio.


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