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Earn cash Creating Free iPhone Apps

If you're in search of a great way to expand your brand and earn additional money, try creating free iPhone apps. The preferred apps around are made for the iPhone and they're the easiest ones to create. It actually is quite easy to build and also to market. You have a choice whether you would like to make a paid iPhone app or produce a free iPhone app then sell advertising. Or, you can do both. In whatever way you want to do it, creating free iPhone apps can be very profitable.
Once you create your free iPhone app, just how would you advertise it? A terrific way to market these apps is with mobile pay per click advertising. It's just like using regular pay-per-click except that your ad will be displayed on the iPhone. Here are a couple of companies and advertising networks offering mobile pay-per-click advertising for your iPhone app.
The first is Admob. This company was the very first completely mobile advertising network. If you go to their website and sign in, they have easy to follow instructions. If you have a developer creating your iPhone apps, you will need to work with them to be sure that the code is set up properly. AdMob is awesome because they have real time reporting metrics.
Another excellent choice is Google Mobile. If you are already aware of Google Ads, this is the same concept but mobile. The cost per basis is similar as regular Google Ads. AdSense for mobile content is the same as regular AdSense. Sign up with Google then follow their simple instructions. They have many different methods that you are able to review your metrics.
There are a couple of important things to remember when picking an advertising company or network to work with. First, it is important for you to enjoy working with them and second, they pay a decent percentage. As you will just be starting out with your advertising it is necessary that you go with an advertising network that doesn't have any hit requirements. Creating these free iPhone apps is a wonderful way for you to add just one more revenue stream to your income
Once you have created your iPhone app and you have decided where you will run your advertising, it is extremely important for you to generate a good keyword list. Just as when you create your pay-per-click keyword list for your website or blog, you have to do the same thing for your ads for your applications. You have to target folks who will be most serious about downloading your applications and you should have an incentive for them to click on your ad versus someone else's ad.
There are a plethora of keyword tools that can be used to get a good list of relevant keywords. A free keyword tool you can use is Google's Keyword Tool. You will find other paid ones on the market, but Google's Keyword Tool will work perfectly. Always remember to use the keyword tool because if you try to guess at what individuals are searching for, you are likely to miss your mark and you will pay a lot of money for little to no return.
When you have your list of keywords, the next thing you have to do is market your application. You can advertise your app for free using iTunes. Or, you are able to list it inside the mobile app directory on iTunes. Make sure that you have taken the time to make your app look great, using your colors and your logo. Mention your new app when you are visiting forums and commenting on blogs. When you're on line, market your application where ever you are and you will certainly be on your way to making money creating free iPhone apps.
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