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Is Fiverr worth it- register to know more

 One way of making money online is by doing small jobs in Fiverr. There are many types of jobs you can do in fiverr. You can also come across many software's which will help you to do your job. There are other sites where you can also outsource these jobs for less fees. So why not give Fiverr a try.

Video Transcript
hey guys my name is Michael and in this episode of ask Michael I will talk about how to make money on Fiverr just a topic you guys requested a lot so enjoy it [Music] [Music] oh all right guys so I got a question right here from I'm not really sure who to ask the question but he's asking hi I hope that you're doing fine I am 18 years old and I'm a student I'm looking for ways to earn money online without an investment you can do that so I tried fiber but there is a lot of competition and I did not earn much so my question is have you an idea what I can sell and that will be different from other services there and how to write my gig at the top of the search this is very important good also if you have any other suggestion I'm hoping to do this okay so as you guys probably know I used to make a lot of a lot of money on Fiverr back in the day when I was first starting out you guys probably know my story actually fire what's the website where I made my first four bucks on the internet for bucks because back then this is a $1 cut from the $5 that people pay you and that's basically how I make my first money online I remember sitting in the Train I just just drive them around from one place to another and then my phone rang or something and it was showing me it showed me an email that I got an email and stuff like this and instead interesting at your first sale on Fiverr someone bought this or that gig and I mean what's really exciting like even though it was just like four bucks it really changed my life so I'm always testing people to actually start on sites like Fiverr calm or other sites that are similar to fiber because just if you don't have any real knowledge and experience it online marketing yet and stuff it's way easier to get started this way than to actually start building your own website and driving traffic to it if you don't have any money no skills nothing and it's pretty hard to do is or what I get back in as bad as you can see right here we are on Fiverr right now right now the design has changed for a second date what's different which was like four or three and a half years ago Google when I started so um I'm not using fiber anymore to sell stuff I stopped doing that because I just focus in on her stuff and it didn't make me it didn't make enough money anymore let's just uh just you can just scale it to specific kind of coined right so but I'm still using it a lot for to buy stuff and a lot of other companies and a lot of other ATVs and whatnot they also use fiber a lot because it's just cheap and and the work is actually good if you if you have to write gigs I mean if you buy the right gig so the question of course works was how to actually start on five like how to make money and I will check real quick how much I actually made on Fiverr I think I should go singer should check this right here by actually selling analytics let's see I think it was like 10k yeah I actually made $10,000 on fiber um so that was pretty good I mean for $5 gifts and stuff like this and you can calculate how much it has to Salford it but what it is all about and fiber is that the old stuff like how to actually rank your gig on a top decision right so for specific keywords just the same as a google on youtube and whatnot you know it's the same thing basically but she's also asking like how do you actually get started to what are you selling and that's pretty easy right when if you want to know what what he should sell and that's what I said back in the day all you have to do is you go to the front page of fiber and there you see what is selling good and what you do is you simply copy these kind of gigs and then make it a little bit better so when I'm just searching right here right I see on the first for Impressionism SEO gig right here is that I will create high PR backlinks for you and if that's like 80 plus PR high PR backlinks and stuff like this right so I see he's actually delivering like a B+ backlinks for I think that's the basic package $4 actually $5 right here so and what I would do is I would simply say I deliver 100 P or high PR backlinks and we'll put up the gig and then it would optimize it to actually rank so I know that when you're starting a gig nowadays on Fiverr you don't have that much that many options anymore because they limit like your your tags and stuff like this to specific like for example you can only use one phrase one time or something like this but that doesn't really matter I just really want to make sure that you optimize especially like a description of your gig right so as you can see this guy right here really optimizing seeing high authority backlinks tackling social bookmarking bookmarking and that's all stuff people are searching for a ride when you type in social book marking that's the first thing that pops up right so you will make sure that you've got all these keywords related to this gig in your actual description and multiple times you know so and that's what you do you just take your main keywords like for example if you have a gig like this I would create high PR backlinks you just say back blings and then you see what pops up and then you see backlinks and you can see right here distance that's the second thing that already pops up high PR backlinks right so what the guy did was he saw that and then he named could be our great high PR backlinks so and that's what he does right so he gave to dig this title also make sure his main keyword is included and he actually includes it another few times in the description and I'm sure he also puts it in his tag but of course we cannot see the tag unless we're actually signed into this account and then see what's going on so what's very important probably even more important than the actual on-page optimization thing of this stuff is once you've posted a gig you really want to make sure that you get sales almost immediately right because that sells fiber that Georgia is really attractive really popular and what you want to do is you really want to make sure that you deliver on time and that you actually get a good rating for a case so if you put up a gig and you get a negative rating like this after first order on you basically have a 100 negative rating then it's almost done right we have no chance to get out of this anymore because then they just see rank you and and what's up so how do you do that how do you actually get some good ratings in the first place right because when you sign up with a new account it's just one out of I don't know a few hundred accounts or maybe even thousand accounts that sign up every single day and you're basically have to compete with them so what a simple way to do that actually would be to just get some of your friends or I don't know just hop on your Facebook contact one or two friends say hey can you buy this gig for me for five subs and then give me a good rating or customized days I'm sure they will have the atlases it's very important that you get some good ladies in the first place maybe you're even lucky and you will actually get some orders real quick if you've done the right optimization you're a little bit lucky right so that could also happen right um but the next thing it really is like one of the most important things is how do you actually okay this on-page optimization and the ranking in fiber is one thing right but you have so many ways and then what that's why they also offers like a social media sharing kind of thing you have so many ways to actually promote your actual fiber gifs externally on other sites like for example you can promote it on reddit twitter instagram even like facebook and stuff like this Facebook groups that's a good way so actually like back a few months ago or something I made a tutorial how to make money on Fiverr on my blog right here and on the last sort of the first paragraph actually how I promote my Fiverr gigs and debts that chapter will be all about like how do you actually drive traffic choose these gigs as if there were like your actual website right so how do you drive traffic to them and make sales right so and you have to advantage it when you're on Fiverr you don't have to care about those thing you don't have to care about anything so it's not your actual website the orders are all processed by fiber and they would just pain you to cut that you're getting but this is a good way just talk to my blog which I will put the link in the description right here and then go to my blog and check this out right here it's pretty pretty simple and it really works oh and you also probably asked about how do I do all the stuff because I don't actually have skills like for example with this gig I will create high PR backlinks what what am i doing if I don't actually know how to create that things right so I had a great solution for you guys and the truth is is great if you have steel and if you can actually sell a service using those skills right but the reality is most of you guys probably won't have that many scales and in terms of like actually knowing how all this stuff where it's working technically or something most of you guys will not be like a complete pro in video animation and programming and stuff like this so what you can do is you can actually outsource other gig from other sites that are cheaper than fiber and then resell them with fiber so what I would do is or what you should do is you should go to SEO clerks comm which is a pretty nice size for it's basically like fiber in the end which is cheaper right so right here um I can just check it out real quick boost your rankings and blah blah blah they got all kinds of stuff just add-on fiber basically the same things just the same things sell for cheaper right so if you buy a thousand backlinks or I don't know whatever you buy like let's say is five hundred backlinks on Fiverr for five bucks you will probably get that one at the old floors for two bucks right so 500 Jason dollar cut or you would make $2 profit right but in the end it's probably even cheaper than that right especially in the for like SEO service and stuff so this side works good with when it comes to all the technical stuff programming SEO all this kind of stuff and if you're watching this video right now that's probably something you want to do social media that's also big thing like there guys on here share the stuff on social media and blah blah blah and they tweet yourself for $2 to 100,000 followers and then you can refill that for ten bucks and five ready to leave right so you made a dollars profit right it's pretty easy actually you should see that that way it will work right so there's nothing really special here just basic just simple business but it really works a lot of people don't know about these sites and that's why they don't actually take advantage of it and they don't really make money hope this video helped I answered a question and see you soon


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