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Tips to make money on Fiverr

  If you are a small business owner then you have to perform many odd jobs single handed. These jobs are part and parcel of your business and they cannot be ignored. These jobs helps you to run your business smoothly. This is where the function of Fiverr comes into play. This is an excellent area to outsource some of your jobs.

Video Transcript
hello everyone david a cox here with and today i want to share with all of you one of my absolute favorite resources for small business owners now make sure you watch this entire video because there's going to be a little bonus at the end the website that we're discussing today is and if you've never ever heard of them this is an amazing amazing resource for $5 people who live anywhere in the world will do something for you and there are tons of different things that they offer whether it's marketing graphic design writing different things but of everything I've found five categories that have proven to be especially helpful at least in my business and hopefully also in yours and the first it's a very broad topic but graphic design you think about it for you to hire a graphic designer to create a really snazzy poster or a Facebook Timeline image or really anything it's going to cost a lot of money here you can pay $5 and get a really amazing result for example I have actually used Fiverr myself to design our time line image on Facebook that image right there cost me $5 you provide them with your logo any text that you want to have included and they will design the rest $5 you can't beat that other examples where graphic design can be really handy is if you need Photoshop work done to retouch a photo if you need a background image for Twitter or Google+ if you need a logo you can have them created also business cards you know one of my things I'm very big on is having a really clean amazing business card that stands out above the rest I can't stand it when someone hands me a business card and I can tell just by the flimsy cardstock and the really generic template looking design that it came from whereas on Fiverr you can pay someone to create a custom business card so let's just type in the little search here and see what pops up now one tip I want to give you is that when you go and you use the search function up here at the very top make sure when you've done when you've done that you go here to sort it by high rating because that way you're going to get people who have a history who you know will do a good job so for example let's take a look at this one right here it's the number one person for designing business cards those look awesome and also if you look below this main image you'll see these little dots and these dots represent other gigs that this person has done so these are examples of real customers who have had cards designed by this person and all of these look wonderful they really stand out and so you can get your cards printed online but then get them designed right here through fibre as another example another topic that I find to be especially helpful is videos for example if you saw the beginning of this video of course you probably did there's our little flashy graphic intro a lot of people think that I designed that I actually paid someone to design that now while I didn't use Fiverr you can get the exact same results so for that I would type in the keywords of video logo and once again sort by high rating and so then you can pick really any of these options here let's just take this one right off the bat and with pretty much all of these they'll use the word Fiverr as well as the fiver logo and what you just have to do is use your imagination and replace their text and you're their logo with yours you'll end up submitting them your logo and whatever text you want and for $5.00 that's a steal and just to give you a comparison have our logo custom-designed I believe I paid around 200 to have that done another example of a great type of video that you can have done is if you have the type of product that's going to require a little bit of explanation there is something called an explainer video and these usually use animation and you can have like this little graphic guy here explaining away your product is usually combination of animation and text so you can check out these go through them a lot of these different I'm going to turn the audio off here for a moment a lot of these different videos they have options to upgrade so well maybe a really really basic video is five dollars you can for another another five get it in high-definition or you can get it with custom sound work or custom etc another great example also in the same type of category or whiteboard videos and with whiteboard videos usually you have a hand that appears to be drawing something whether it's on a tablet or just on a white background and so very similar to the explainer videos these can get a little bit annoying I have found after a while but if it's a really really short video it can work well also now this is one that might sound a little bit out of left field but believe it or not puppet videos puppets are an incredible way to add a bit of comedy to your product now to do this you really should be hiring or if you have friends who are funny have someone else write the script for you because the script has got to be perfect in order for this to be successful but all of these different people here you see our puppeteers they have access usually to different backgrounds sometimes that background is an upgrade so make sure you read all the fine print before ordering but a puppet video is a great example of a way to give your product a little bit of a personality also there is another type of category here you've probably seen it whether it's on YouTube or different parts of the web and it's called a typography in a typography video very similar to a very similar to the whiteboard and explainer videos let's go to high rating but usually it means that you're going to have not really any voiceover work but you're going to have images of text that are going to rotate and move around so you can kind of see here an example of how it would look again really important that you do the fine work of getting the script perfect and these videos are best if they're 30 seconds or less that's another example two more categories are sorry three more categories I want to show you the next one is press releases and with press releases if you have these professionally done you're looking at usually between one to three hundred dollars per press release with this make sure you of course organize it by high rating you can get it done for a lot less a successful press release is partially going to be dependent on how much information you can give them so that they have enough information to work with you can also use Fiverr to submit your press release to different PR websites etc just don't have the highest expectation for results when it comes to that it will help your SEO options for your website but that's about it also another handy one now this one I have to kind of put out there with a little bit of a disclaimer you can technically use Fiverr to gain followers or video views on YouTube Twitter and Facebook here's the word of caution let's say you're going to use this for YouTube you can have people here I found them adding as much as 20,000 views to your video here's the big important thing you need to know if your video is monetized meaning that you are having ads before them like many of our videos and you are making money from YouTube and you try to use this tactic they will shut you down so it's not worth it however if you have a maybe one of those videos we just went over like an explainer video where you don't you're not making money off of it necessarily on YouTube but you just want to make it look like it's had more views than it actually has you can use this as a trick to kind of boost your ego I guess you can use the same trick for adding Twitter followers and have people like your Facebook page again in those cases you should be aware that many of those are hacked accounts and you may notice that well on Monday morning you have a you got 5,000 new followers on Tuesday it's dropped to like 1,000 so make sure that you kind of take it with a grain of salt you're paying $5 you're going to maybe in that case get a little bit closer to what you pay for finally last but not least let's say you have one of these video projects that you've created and now you need the voice because a lot of the people who create these videos don't necessarily have a great voice for doing voiceover work and instead of paying a union actor hundreds if not thousands of dollars to read a script instead you can use Fiverr so just type in the word voiceover and when you do that you're going to find a ton of different people here the beauty of fiber is you're going to be able to of course hear what their voices sound like and any of them will be very happy to read your script and record it as an audio file that you can now bring into your video to do with what you want now I promised you at the very end of this video a little tip so here it is for any of you who are watching this video on YouTube or our website if you look below the video and in the case of YouTube it's going to be in the comments section or rather sorry the video description there is a hyperlink that you're going to be able to click on and if you sign up for fiber using that link if you buy any three gigs on Fiverr you'll get a fourth one for free just a little bonus to encourage you to get started but I think you're going to love Fiverr as I said as a small business owner it is tremendously helpful this is david a cox with and i hope all of you have a wonderful day take care


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