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 Now you can easily sell your service in a place called Fiverr. At the same time you can also look for services you want- for running your online and offline business. Fiverr offers many types of service to choose from and there are many service provider too.  
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Video Transcript:

all right what is a youth Jumaane again from stearic studios back with another video we're back in it again this is the ultimate guide on how you can make money um on um it's almost guarantee I would say I can't speak for everybody well before I get in the video I just want to do a quick shout out you address a few issues alright so a quick shout out to all of my YouTube subscribers um all the people that have been commenting and cheering this video is gonna be a little bit long so this beer with me but I want to get everything out of the way and show you guys the perfect guide on how you can make money online so big total to have been supporting the channel we've been leaving the comments we've been hitting those like button I really appreciate that we want to boost that the views on the video so if you can do me a favor and share these videos on your social media site I would really appreciate it I'm trying to hit that at least about 5,000 views per video I know it's a lot comparing to what we get no but I mean I really appreciate it if you guys at least do that for me alright secondly um for those of you are wondering if I'm Jamaican yes I am Jamaican um however I travel a lot luckily I'm bliss so I can you know travel a lot I get to meet new people and so put all of these methods that I'm showing you guys I actually do them from Jamaica and actually get paid from Jamaica so that's why I'm saying that it can work from Jamaica and different parts of the world that I go to like Mexico and you know Canada whatever wherever you are they will work um let's see secondly some of you guys are you know trying to contact me Maxo me for my number and so the thing is I don't want to give up my number cuz sometimes you have some tools people that ask a bunch of dumb questions um that you know try to troll me arch other so I don't want to put my number out there however if you guys really really need my advice are you really need to contact me um I'm thinking about getting a business email address um like a different email address for just my um but for you guys that you guys getting I can have a one-on-one chat with you guys um yeah but until now if you want to contact me you can use the there is a tab inside YouTube we can send me a private message and I can communicate back up where were you guys the last point I want to say on anybody that's watching this video of your sponsor um you know what Rami ago and I haven't done a sponsored video in a long while I'm seeking sponsor and if you guys want to donate to the channel there is a donate button on my youtube channel page to see that you can do it a dollar or whatever I just want to say that right disappoints analyze know too much blogging alright so let's get into it so basically what I'm talking about is all you guys can make money on YouTube guarantee no um the way that you are here I'm saying you two are me messing up already but fiber fiber comm guarantee no do we go about doing this this is remember if you watch my last two videos cuz it is like um I think part tree so um I know miserable with the way I say tree I can't say the number tree but you know I'm talking about the number jam to make and/or don't make um but anyway if you watch those videos you will know that I've been living this ultimate guide on how you can make money on YouTube and this is a with a fight a website as you can see I'm already on the it's markup right this graphic burger calm I'm gonna have a link to it in the description as you guys know and basically what you're doing is you're creating mock-ups right no I'm gonna try and go through this everything know if you this is another point right every time I'm giving you a point I'm going to say this is an important point just like in YouTube when you type in the search menu you get a bunch of search result it happens in Google also these terms are what people are looking for right so as you see I have type mock you see you got mock up mug on t-shirt mock-up website logo by Khalid was terms come up that means this is what people are searching for so when you're creating that gig make sure you use your title has these words and it just like YouTube this is what rank you high in the search in the search ranking inside YouTube inside the Google and I'm assuming that this is the same way it works inside of here right so if you have these keywords in your title in your description in your tags it will rank your video higher up on the pages on the first pages of on of these website no say our search for Marco right no as you can see you got be hurt Marco no I look at this one take a close look at this one right no let's go back to this site look at this as you can see these people right this person um yes you're seeing their name but no offense that if this person if you're watching it well basically see they've deaf soul eat eat kings already eat eat cakes now you multiply that 88 by 5 right I said it's a nice girl alright um yeah so 88 by 5 is can see right here 4.9 retains almost five-star agree were agree where I got out of that right dear and she has a nice simple description you can see she has a very nice cool looking t-shirts right this is a gig a great gig is a 24 hour Express tube livery yeah and see I'm sure she has um see you don't even include it on like a package deal are you know my tips are you know anything like that and he is making he has an order queue already that means he has an order going already I'm working on right now as we speak and as you can see all she did was she came to this website download this PSD file if you don't know what a PSD file it it is a Photoshop file and the way that I know that he did that because you see the exact same t-shirt right here right the exact same shirt she came here she clicked she download this file a hundred and something I'm not gonna download it my Internet's very slow I don't know what's going on I've recently changed internet again I'm having trouble with it that's cool you know that's another story but yeah basically she down with this right so she only has and you has a black and white one but what you can do you can actually inside a Photoshop I'm gonna show you guys you can change the color of all these even though it's only black and white you can see in just any color you want right and it's not their t-shirts that is one gig right here is because you have Bill boys yes um you know jars bags cups all of these mock mock-ups these are mock-ups are images that um like you know people have websites people have products that they want to get them digitally they don't want to take a picture of it are they say for instance you're creating a new product and you don't have a proper label for it yet a proper you know you have an idea what you want it to look like and you want to see oh it's gonna look before you actually start mass production or you want to put it on your website you know before you start shipping it all like several instances this bottle a dis dispenser right you're creating a new product line full handful and you want to see what it look like um you would just come in here and buy this gig and you basically they would prove the person that is buying it from you would provide you with down what like the label the logo what size liquid they want in it what color they want the liquid is and you can eat all of that and you can either sell it as a package deal like I said or one by one and as you can see is there's a lot it goes down and don't you can do mock-ups on cell phone markup son after like a website on this Mac um they're so much you can see so much for you guys to choose up there's more t-shirts again you can have them on and on the rack and I bet you they have some that like people are wearing that you could see right there right just like what I said so um you can offer not just this clean one right here but well she has already died she's done it doing it already so yeah as you can see so yeah you can do so much magazines and it's not just this site right here's another site right where you can get actually you can get all of these packages right here for free and all of these are free right I mean I'm gonna jump in a minute out to I'm gonna jump into the side of Photoshop let me just wanted um you know I'm I'm talking to you guys and it just a buncha program alright and jump back to this you can see this is what cosmetic um another website I'm gonna have the link to this is icon like energy drink are you know do is type stuff for bodybuilders you can think about stuff like that and there's a lot more you do you come in here you click on mock-up template and it's gonna give you a bunch more stuff and you can not only I mean look at these where you can browse through the top sections of here we have icons you I kids and stuff like that you can think about it and then market yourself and think you can sell those stuff right no um let me come to another website you see they got vitamin pills right I get chocolate bars they got billboard this is the muscles and things that I'm talking about I don't see a lot of these on fibre so this is a great starter gig because I know I always see those fitness fitness guys on YouTube and they always talking about oh they're like today a new protein this or that you can actually market these onto them or you can do packages hide more dudes are selling like crazy packages package markup let's search for dual zone let's see yeah sorry oh that I'm typing in the dark so let's see well I I've a bomb oh okay let's see I guess they listed I got that they probably list it um on the different headings so like you have to do your research and search for these things because I've been doing a lot of research I've been searching for a lot of thing on here and I've seen it before it's not only the t-shirt mock-ups but um I think what they do is they split them individually like all right see packaging that's the doctor thing is packaging right so um as you can see this guy 557 kne got four on that's queuing and all these doing is is you know packaging and it's a standard gig start at ten dollars right you can see this guy's he's racking up the dollars as you can see all the way up to sixty dollars and there it is packages right here you got 27 right here and all of these are free look milk and I think you got um you got some type of milk right there see what I'm saying you got hands-on you know you got boxes you got this you got boxes right there you got this there's a bunch of stuff on here right a bunch of stuff look at it it's a condom wrapper and I did that the name see this you have this you you even am I've even came across vehicle wraps so there is a bunch of stuff on here I'm telling you guys so these are all right there's the 1 2 3 4 5 different sites that you can get mock up for and you can you know make big money on here I guarantee that you're gonna make money I've made fields I've changed my entire geek profile just to do the mock-ups and I've made from I've made up to 200 dollars already right and I've made from one gig I'm making um like what $25 plus $10 tip you know from one gig so and I'm not working that much you know I'm not really working it that much because I'm kind of busy I'm doing other stuff but um let's see let me see if I can open up one of those gigs and show you guys what I'm talking about I wanted was a not gigs but one of those mock-ups right so all right so for instance I'm just gonna show you guys how easy it is to teach these things so different and this is the bottle right here right and um let's see say for instance you want to change colour the bottle right let's see so this is the bottle you see um let me close this again all right so oil color adjustment right here you can see these are then this is the input your art right so the techs right here this is where you go to input and this is where you go to join change the oil inside the color of liquid inside wall so what you do is um click on any one of your tools I will click on your what is this selection tool or whatever double click right this little box right here right the unc-tv and saturation right this is what your going to click on no I've already have my UN saturation here but basically you click on this this is gonna come up alright so let me just delete this alright you got a yellow one right here delete that one kiss alright so you will click on uff creation right then you're gonna click on colorize right then you're gonna select any one of these so say for instance what we want it you want like a pink alright what is that purple our pink purple thing could be a little bit more oh no I'm not good at colors but alright yeah that would be more of a pink you can adjust the darkness with this can adjust the brightness with this as you can see there's a nice bright pink right and you can adjust the color with this one up here right no I know you guys might not be seeing my cursor because the scream record I just realized it my screen recorder is not recording my cursor but you guys should be an indication if I drag the slider you will see the slider move it so green blue whatever color I want right so back the pinkish purple right you click on this arrow right here to bring it in and you basically go to file go to save right I love it to see if once you see it check it out here cool is this and as you can see you have a nice thin bottle liquid right alright so now to change the text you do the same thing you double click right here and you go right here you select your text tool right here click on the text no beer in mind some of these you will need to download the font they will not come with the funtime printout inside I'm your your version of Photoshop right the I'm gonna through your website that you can go to to get the get fun so the right side changes to Fiverr click on my move tool right that selection move tool out there meant to say don't don't um you know I don't know about I don't know the name Allah - I know how to use for the job I don't know the names of each one at - all right so you go file you go to 3m again you go back you can close this and you'll see the text is huge and it's simple as that and all I would say to you guys is you go back to your tool right here you click right here you type in sample right you are ctrl T right on windows enlarge it rotate it right put sample right here this is your watermark right here and all you got to do is you can turn down the opacity like that and that is it that is what you do you create that you send it to the UM the seller in a message say this is what do you like this what do you want me to change on dear you know after this nu your your label with your logo and you know the bottle liquid size and all of that you can do that and now say for instance if you wanted to change the bottle the top the top part of the bottle you can go to your selection tool right and you can you would uh you know click the top of the bottle know um let's see well basically I'm not gonna go into other well basically you would select the top of the bottle because I'm looking for the top I have to search qualities to find the top you select the top of the bottle do to see and you situation then you can now change a color at the top if not you can also go on on Google and search for that for a different cover and then resize it and use it as a top right well normally you can see in Java that inside that you just have to go to these like I said look for the little boxes right here and double-click on them and can you know change a situation right here so all right so and you can give it as file save as and you can save it as a JPEG right a PNG dot PNG to send it to the seller and then if they want a source file you save it as a PSD file so that is the file that I've been talking to you guys about on here and it says it is it is a PSD file the markups are PSD file those are Photoshop files right alright so um let's see what else I'm leaving out for you guys uh um doing this inside my head so I'm trying to make sure that I get everything so um remember another key point remember to live like this guys mock up inside his title remember you have to mock up inside your title you have to have mock up inside your description right and mock up inside are your arm your tags right make sure you lift your gigs if you just start no listing at reasonable prices don't go and list a gig um that's like trying to compete with this guy you see in $10 and you're a nu setta you don't have any stars and all that alright umm let's see I'm trying to make sure that I get everything out of the way for you guys so that um I don't actually forget anything right trying to make you guys know money well I'm not running up the videos running a long time no I don't want to drag it on forever I'm rambling no but you guys basically get the idea um this is the easiest way to make I know how to make money on Fiverr right these gigs don't take a lot of time I mean you just have to make sure that you market yourself properly they'll do it and let people know that you don't design logos if you couldn't do this just a mock-up lady to provide the logos they need to UM provide this they need to provide that and don't be afraid to back over the whole gig and always so when you're listing a gig make sure you tell them um contact me by message before or during the gig so you have a bunch of people I've gotten message like that where they are they a gig and then you cannot fulfill what they are requesting because that's not what they then they miss read what what you pause are something and then that is in terms if you're trying to suit them then they'll leave your but um you know rip and a bad star ratings and then no your your whole thing just start going downhill from them so on make sure you guys you know just leave that little message in dere let them know that they need to contact you before no I've done videos I want both uh yeah my last video was about mock-ups for book cover creating ebook covers so you guys can go and check that out um I'm gonna think I'm gonna end the video right here I should have wrote and wrote written down all the points the health I wanted to talk to you guys about but basically that is the idea you guys get it and you guys seen it seen people doing it and they're making money right so um if you have any questions leave in the comment section below make sure you subscribe make sure you share this video um and I have another video coming out probably in a couple of minutes or so or maybe the next year next week or so but it's another way of making money online but this one is the most profitable one that I've seen I'm gonna jump from Fiverr I know only if I came if I come across another like fiber related stuff that I think that that is something that you can jump on then I'll pull that video but for no I think this is gonna be my last fiber video for no and make sure you hit that subscribe button if you're new to the channel I do tech videos that do videos like this a lot of do videos about useful thing this channel is about helping people you know becoming more independent online or more um you know becoming more comfortable online making money making I take stuff fun stuff and so forth and thank you guys so much for supporting the channel yeah until next time this has been g-money again from shrink xt Leo peace Copy to ClipboardClose


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