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How to Build a Website in a Easy Way

Elegant theme does not come only with WP themes but it has also has Plugins. These plugins will help you to enhance the usability of the elegant themes to a great extent. For example the Bloom plugin. This plugin helps you to create different types of Optin forms to collect leads from your future customers. These leads would help you to build your business at a much greater pace.
So,, why are you waiting get your BLOOM plugin now.

Video Transcript
hey Debbie nation thanks for stopping by our documentation to learn all about Divis login module so if you've ever wanted to create a customized login experience for your site visitors this is the module for you you're gonna want to create a page with this on it and it's going to allow you to create a very unique experience with a very unique design that you're not able to achieve with just directing people to WordPress's basic login page so check it out we're gonna show you how to add that and a style it in this video in this video I'm gonna give an overview of Debbie's login module now the login module is a great way to customize the default WordPress login form that you use every time you log into your site so if you're interested in creating a elegant-looking login form you can do that using this login form module and you can place it anywhere on your web page or on your website then you can redirect users to that page to login instead of the default WordPress login form so if you have a membership site and you're looking for a login page that's custom built you can do that easily using the Divi builder and this login module now to take a closer look at the login module I'm going to actually delete this one that I've built here and we're gonna build it together it's quite simple and I'm gonna introduce you to some of the features that are built in to help you get a better understanding of how to use the login module so I'm using a visual builder here and I'm gonna go ahead and delete the login module that I have in this row here and just to kind of give you an understanding of how this page is set up this is actually a regular section and then I gave myself a one column row and then in that one column row I'm going to go ahead and add my login module once it's added you'll see that it'll take on a background color that is kind of the default that you have set in your theme customizer color there and then you can go ahead and change that and we will but the first thing you see under the content tab is a spot for your title so each login form has a spot for a title and some content text it's always good to kind of let your readers our users know that this is a login form and give some instructions for them before they log in so for the title I'm simply going to put in login and then for the content I'm gonna paste in just some mock text for now now so there's my title and my content or instructions for my login form and then underneath this content section I also have a section called redirect now this option allows me to allow the user to redirect to the current page after they log in sometimes this is useful so if I wanted to I could select that and once they log in it's going to instead of redirecting to the WordPress dashboard which is normal it's going to stay on this page I'm actually going to just leave it as no for now I'm going to let it redirect to the WordPress dashboard by default the background here we're gonna give it a custom background but for now I'm just going to kind of make this one transparent so I don't want to see it the background color that is I'm gonna go to my gradient tab I'm gonna give it a gradient here go ahead and paste in my first gradient color here nice blue and then I'm gonna add the second color here just a lighter blue and I'm decrease the opacity a bit so you can kind of see through that login form a little bit so that's looking nice I'm gonna leave my gradient type as linear and all of these settings as their defaults and now I'm ready to go on to the design tab under the design tab we have a whole lot more options available for customizing all the elements of our login form the first one are my fields that by default you'll see that my form fields that's these over here the username and password fields here they have a white background with some dark text in there which is pretty standard and looks nice right out of the box but you can go ahead and change this if you need to if I wanted to give my form field backgrounds of color make them yellow for instance maybe change the opacity of them I could do that I'm gonna go ahead and go back to my default there I can change my text color in here if I wanted to match it with a blue or something I can do that as well the focus background color refers to the background color of this field here whenever you have clicked into the the the field to actually enter text it will change the background color for you so it lets the user know that they are actually editing that particular field and that is the main focus so the same goes for text color you can change the way the text color renders whenever you've clicked in and are actually typing the text there and also the use focus border color again the focus element is when actually you click on the field it will pop up a border around it and you can style that border here giving it a color just to give you an example I know it's easier to see it then it is for me to explain it just to give you an example of these focus options here as you can see if I click on this form here whatever is the focused field you'll have a slight border around it that's the focus field border and then you have a background for the focus field which is a kind of greenish and a semi-transparent background and you also have a white color text color for my focus field for the text so there you go those those three elements we were just talking about and it just kind of lets the user know that is what is the focus when they're filling out their form all right going back I can also change the text color from light to dark if I am wanting to do that text orientation of this title text and content you can change as well the header text we're gonna go ahead and change this up we can modify the header text and also the body text to fit the you know the style of your site I'm gonna go ahead and change the header font let's make it give it the montserrat font there and then change it to bold make it uppercase go ahead and change the header font size up to about 60 pixels keep the header text color the same maybe change the header line hide a little bit let's make it 1.9 go ahead change the body text I'm gonna match the font here and let's make the body font size a little bigger make it 18 pixels easier to read there keep the default body line height 1.7 that looks good I could also add a border to my login module if I wanted to and then you can stylize that border here can change this style of this login button to match your site style you just click on the use custom styles for a button and it pulls up all of your you know many options for stylizing a button I'm gonna give my button a background color paste in my green here let's go ahead and leave my text size I like that text color and leave it white I could you know maybe take away this border actually I'm just gonna match my border color with the green that way I can see my border radius it looks nice I want to match my button font I didn't make it Mont Sarat here and let's make it uppercase alright everything else looks good just want to make sure my button hover text maybe give it a different text color on hover let's go ahead and make this green and then change our background to white on hover there you go and also you know give it a button box shadow which I don't really need for this design could also change the sizing of your module here change the width and then adjust the module alignment and you have the width that you would like I'm gonna give it back to its default here it add some spacing to my module which would be helpful in this instance I'm gonna actually give it some padding here add 15% padding to the top 10% to the sides here all right that looks good could have a shadow for my form there if I wanted to sometimes that looks really nice and I could also add an animation to my login form whenever you whenever the page loads in this instance or whenever you scroll to your login form maybe I wanted to fade in a little bit all right and that's it for my design let's go to our Advanced tab just to remind you that you can add your unique use CSS IDs or classes to target this module from an external stylesheet if you wanted to you can also add some inline custom CSS to any of these elements of the module specifically so so basically if whatever can't be done in the design tab definitely can be done in the Advanced tab to make it you know exactly how you want it to look the visibility option here is always available to disable this modules visibility on any of these devices and let's go ahead and save that out save our page now when we go to our page on a live site you will notice that since I'm already logged in it will show you your login title there along with your text you don't know you don't have the form anymore because you're already logged in and then it kind of tells you yes you're logged in as and it gives you a user name and then it gives you the option to log out if I log out it's going to redirect to my default WordPress page here that is because I didn't have it redirect to the the page but once I log in and let's say if I wanted to change that option go back to my login settings and under content tab let's change our redirect to redirect to the current page and let's save that out I'm gonna exit the visual builder so we can see it live and now it brings up my page since I'm logged in I'm gonna click on logout now and as you can see it redirected to this page so now I can then login using my custom login form using the login module once I click login it redirects to this current page as well so that's how that redirect option works for you and that is our overview of the login module
So,, why are you waiting get your BLOOM plugin now.


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