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How to use Pre-Made Layout to Build Website

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When you are building a website the main problem that any designers face is to design the website how it would look and thereby changing some areas so that the site looks good and professional. With Divi this problem is also taken care of with some pre-made layout. Now, this has made the designers life easy. You just upload the re-made design layout and see how it looks in your domain. Just change some modules or add modules to give it a new look.
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Video Transcript
hey Davey nation thanks for stopping by our documentation section to learn a little bit more about the Divi theme customizer and the module customizer now most wordpress installs are gonna have a theme customizer the only difference with the Divi theme customizer is that it's chock full of settings specifically for Divi so that should be familiar to almost any WordPress user and what this allows you to do is set global settings for your entire website for things like heading size body text certain colors for accent header and footer options and a whole slew of other things now the module customizer is very similar and this is very specific to Divi so Diffie uses modules inserted into rows and sections to create your website and so what you're able to do with the module customizer is create default or yet default settings that you'll be able to use whenever that module is installed on or inserted rather onto a page so this is incredibly useful because what you're able to see then is an incredible speeding up of your design process when you're not having to do the same few customizations every time you answer a blurb module for instance onto a page everyone's gonna start off with the exact same default settings so we're gonna show you how to use these powerful global design tools in this video check it out in this video I'll be giving a basic overview of the Divi theme customizer and the module customizer these two customizers work together and serve as a set of design controls to customize and design every aspect of your website I'll be giving you a basic overview but feel free to explore our other more detailed tutorials on the more specific options within these customizers let's go ahead and get started first to find your theme customizer you go to your WordPress dashboard and in the left sidebar hover over Divi and you'll find it in the nav there click on the theme customizer and once it deploys you'll see that there are a lot of options in the left sidebar and this kind of user navigation setup is really convenient you can toggle through different section settings go back and forth through each one of them and if you're familiar with WordPress you probably are already familiar with their built in customizer this is somewhat similar except it has a whole lot more features added to it and to work with the Divi theme and really give you all the options necessary to set it up and customize it how you want and so basically you have everything you need right here to set your theme up to design it and set your defaults so you get it looking like you want it before you start adding more of the specific modules and content of your site so let's just kind of take a look at some of these settings so we can get a feel as to what the theme customizer is and what it does as you can see it starts with the general settings and kind of works its way down to a more specific customization like additional CSS so it's a good idea to kind of start at the top click on general settings you can see we have things like layout settings typography and these settings are you know as it as it says general settings so they're gonna have the more widespread effects and overall feel of your site for instance you can change the the set up excuse me the layout of your site to a box layout you can change the content width of your site easily and it's really convenient that you can the theme customizer allows you to see the changes in real time you can change your gutter with defaults and you can see a couple of things shifting here because that kind of changes the distance between columns in in your builders so that's the gutter with section height row height you can also change the width of those the space between those and if you make some changes and you want to go back to the default settings each one of these options has a restored to default icon here that you can click on and it automatically restores that to its default setting which is very convenient let's go back and take a look at the typography settings you'll see all the different main typography you will be using for your site can be customized here and the defaults can be set for instance body text size body line height you can adjust your header text sizes here the default setting as well as your body link color text color things like that you of course once you start building your site using the the the built-in Divi builder or visual builder and then you start adding your modules each module can or has design settings that can override these general settings set in the theme customizer so keep that in mind that this will give you a good start but you can always override them in the actual modules themselves when you're building your site let's go back let's check out the header and navigation settings this applies to the both the standard view of your header up here with the navigation as well as the fixed navigation you can edit both of those also if you wanted to deploy a secondary menu you could custom set the default customizations here for that as well as add header elements just so you can get a idea if I add my phone number here and email I can save that refresh and we can see a secondary menu pop up there probably won't match the site but you get the idea right now it's a blue has my two header elements in there and if I wanted to edit that secondary bar up there I could do that here maybe add the purple also the primary menu bar that that is the standard view here of your primary menu you can change the elements maybe I want to increase the height of my menu or maybe just the logo height needs to change I can do that here the text size of my menu items can change as well as all the colors of these elements just restore defaults on that and let's go back to fix navigation good if I wish to start scrolling down this deploys my fixed navigation I could change that here if I wanted to of course all this is good to set the default design and customizations needed for setting up your website build so one other thing I should mention besides while I'm while I'm on that topic is that here you have this X import and export option to actually export all of your customizer settings so if you have a certain way that you like to build websites a certain group of settings that you like or grown accustomed to that kind of will help you get a head start you can export that save it and then import it on your next install of Divi and then you'll automatically have all those settings ready to go which is a really helpful feature so all you do is just press the import export icon up there the portability icon and and click export name your export file and export it out there as well as import if you wanted to alright so continuing on you have the option to customize the settings of your footer right now we just have this footer here if I wanted to change the layout from a four column to like a like a three column or something like that I could do it here as well as customize what the widgets look like in here maybe change the text size of those the bottom bar is that very bottom dark bar with the default designed by elegant themes part of my WordPress text down there I could change that add footer credits I wanted buttons if I wanted to certain this default design for all of the buttons on my site could change it there I wouldn't mess with color scheme leave that as a default and just I would just use the other options to set your colors for instance in general settings you have in layout settings you have this theme accent color I would use that instead of changing your default color for the whole site let's see mobile styles this is very helpful to you know customize the the the look and feel of your site on mobile devices like tablet and phone this allows you to toggle through those and set those real general like spacing problems you may have on tablet and phone and it allows you to see it in real time which is very helpful these other elements are pretty standard to WordPress customizer like menu widgets this is where you would add the content for your footer down here and okay and then your additional CSS very convenient to have it in the theme customizer a lot of times you you wouldn't you would spend a lot of time in the theme customizer and wouldn't have to leave for instance to go in the back end and look at the code you can just continue to make changes and see the changes in real time all right so that's good for the theme customizer let's take a look at what the module customizer is and what it can do so if I were finished here I would click Save and publish I'm not going to save my changes but if I wanted to you could do that there and then exit out so to go to your module customizer go to the wordpress dashboard hover over Dibby and then find the module customizer now the difference between the theme customizer and the module customizer it's pretty self-explanatory in the name the theme customizer customizes your theme options and the module customizer is is what customizes your individual modules and so as I see my module customizer deployed here I have a whole lot of settings because most of my modules can be directly customized within this customizer so for instance I can see that my image module if I wanted to I can add a default animation to all of the image all of the images that are deployed using the image module the gallery for instance gallery module I can set a default zoom icon color other than what is set in my theme customizer for instance this is pulling from my accent my theme accent color if I wanted to change it and set a different one for all of the gallery modules I could do it there for let's see what else blurbs we use these a lot if you wanted to set a custom font size for all of the blurb modules sometimes that's really convenient and a time-saver because maybe the default body text of your site is gonna be different from what your module blurb modules are going to be sometimes you're blurred modules require maybe smaller text and instead of having to do that every time you you make a blurb module you can go ahead and set the default font size here and of course you have a whole lot more to choose from everything even the like a person module you can adjust than just the name font size set the default there as you can see customizing all of these modules and then going ahead and exporting out these settings will be very useful for your future builds and so I suggest you take the time to do that if you haven't already and before I go I just wanted to bring your attention down to these items here at the bottom of the sidebar you have the hi controls button that toggles the sidebar settings here closed and open which is helpful whenever you're trying to see the full layout of your webpage while you're making changes you can also toggle the mobile displays for tablet and phone as well as desktop of course and which is helpful whenever you're making customizations to see how they're going to look on these mobile devices as well well that's it I hope you've enjoyed the overview of the theme customizer in the module customizer
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