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9 Habits Of Happy People

If you want live happy you have to reinvent yourself. Here are 9 ways to that would help you to lead a happy life. 1. Always start with love. Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, advocates for love through "compassionate management." 2. Choose to live in a state of joy (instead of mere happiness). The joy referred to here is deeper than happiness. Yes, big difference. Joy is more serene and stable than the happiness the world offers, which is more emotional and temporary (like watching a movie you've been dying to see). 3. Choose to live in a state of peace. Choosing peace allows you to stick to the plan, even when the skeptics say you're crazy. Peace blocks distractions that try to derail you from the plan. 4. Choose the path of patience. Patience is a virtue I wish more people practiced. It helps you relax and rethink when things are snowballing out of control. 5. Choose to practice kindness. When companies create an environment of kindness lived out in corporate values daily, they will see a happier workplace and an improved bottom line. 6. Choose being in a state of goodness. Being in a state of goodness requires the lucid understanding that your integrity is never, ever, compromised. When you walk in integrity and moral excellence, you discern between right and wrong, what is fair and just, and never mislead or exploit. 7. Choose to have faith. "Society has labeled surrender as a sign of leadership weakness, when in fact, it can be among the greatest of leadership strengths. Let me be clear, I'm not encouraging giving in or giving up--I am suggesting you learn the ever so subtle art of letting go." 8. Choose to act with the unpretentious power of humility. At any level, in any role, the shift from ego to humility can drastically alter the outcome to your advantage. 9. Choose to have self-control. Internationally known psychologist and best-selling author, Daniel Goleman, says this about leaders with self-control: "Reasonable people--the ones who maintain control over their emotions--are the people who can sustain safe, fair environments. Visit the link to read the full article: -------------------------------- Want videos for your business! Connect with us


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