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How To Start A Business Using Fiverr

When you start a business on Fiverr, it starts out with an idea, which can blossom into reality.
Do you do it for fun, or show your talents?
When you think about that, it is easier than you can imagine when coming up with an idea that will sell. When you search Fiverr before you start, you will see what already sells.
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See what people are offering, then differentiate yourself from them and sell things that people want to buy.
Working on Fiverr requires you to help people get what they need.
When you are thinking about others, it will make it easier for both you and your client.
There are many ways to find out what your potential clients want.
See what is selling already, and look at the buyer requests.
Once you have all your research done, then it is time to create your gigs.
Make sure everything is clearly written and you describe your services, exactly as you are going to give them.
Once you are sure of everything you wrote and you have a clear plan of action, it is time to find potential clients.

There are some things to consider before setting up your Fiverr account.
These may seem like small tasks, but they will help you in the long run.
First, you want to have an action plan figured out ahead of time.
This plan can be anything like your target market and how many clients you can handle and how much time is needed for each project etc.
When you first start out, you will not have any credibility on Fiverr, but this is all how everybody begins. Most people feel more comfortable with someone who has the experience, can listen to instruction and satisfy their specific needs.
Freelance sites such as Fiverr are for the service aspect of business.
 When you want to do business on this site in particular, you have to think about the customer’s needs.

So take some time to research the site and see what people are already offering to customers.
 Are those services something you are interested in doing and can actually complete?
It is better to know this ahead of time then to come up with a service, not be able to accomplish it.

You should have a long term view, and plan everything, also consider the obstacles that are present.

 In fact, it is a great idea to do a S.W.O.T. analysis before you dive in and take too many risks.

If you are not familiar with a S.W.O.T. Analysis, it is an evaluation of your niche’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
An example of a S.W.O.T. analysis is shown below.
 It gives you examples of things you can think about before beginning this business.

First let’s think of a niche : marketing.
 Most people need marketing for their business, First of all, the strengths for running a marketing gig are that there are many businesses in the world.

In order for people to find out about the viability of any business, you need to market. So how does one start a marketing gig?
First, research different marketing strategies.
Then devise a plan of action as to how you will execute the strategies involved.
 For the marketing gig, you have a lot of strengths. Businesses always need marketers and they depend on them to help in their business growth. Here is your chance to set a great price for your marketing gig.
You will take note of what other people are charging and you can either beat the price or make your gig comparable.
The weaknesses may be that you do not have as much experience as others.
To help offset your experience level, you can offer an introductory price.
 Make sure that your clients know that it is an introductory price. If they love the experience and what you did
 for them was exceptional, then they will come back for more.
Opportunities for your marketing gig are many.
You are in a very competitive niche if you choose marketing.
This is good because you can differentiate yourself from the rest and you can specialize in a certain area of marketing.
Sometimes people need an expert in a specific area of marketing so it is to your advantage to specialize in it.
Some threats to having a marketing gig are, many people are competing for the same thing.
If you do not have the experience, that is another threat because people trend to use someone who has done it before.

Look for the second part of the video.
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