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What Do You Need To Start Your Business In Fiverr.( Part 2)

This is the 2nd part. There are no upfront costs to do business on Fiverr. That is what makes it a great place to start. If you have a creative mind and want to capitalize on your ideas. ---------------------------------------- Get your Odd jobs done. ----------------------------------------- The only costs you will have is for anything that you choose to invest in as you are creating products or services. The investments may be for software or materials. So it is great that you can start a business with virtually no money. You do not need to invest a dime if you are good at writing or data entry, or creating presentations. Only thing you would need is a computer and a spreadsheet or word processor program. Fiverr is very strict on their terms of service. Make sure you understand and follow everything the way it is written. Fiverr takes these terms seriously and you do not want to jeopardize them as you are the business owner. Once you have gone through them and are comfortable with them and you understand everything, you can begin to think how you are going to set up your gigs. Since Fiverr makes it easy for you and for the buyers to understand what service you would provide in their business. How to come up with a Good Gig Idea. First, every business needs to research the market. Do not ponder on how to do this, as it is very simple. You can go to Fiverr’s website and learn a lot about what sells. First type in a service that you are interested in doing, and then search results, take note of what the results show. What is selling the most and what is the ratings and the types of gigs (service) the niche is getting. After you have an idea of what people want and what sells, you can now come up with some ideas of your own. What you want to do is differentiate your idea from the rest. Give the benefits of what you are selling in the gig description. You also need to describe what you are going to do for your clients and do exactly what you say. Your fun Hobbies can turn into Cash. Think about some hobbies you have or are interested in doing. If you are an artist, you can paint a picture. If you are a writer, you can create articles. Don’t think of it as job because if it feels like work, then it is something you probably should not do. Fiverr is meant to be fun and engaging, so tailor your gigs around that notion. Make sure you are charging a fair price for the gig so that it is something that will reward you and your client. Now it is time to think outside of the box, as you are not simply charging five dollars for one gig. For instance, say you are making a video and you know that making videos can be time consuming. They are rather pricey on other sites. Tell others about your Goals. On a side note, when you have goals, it is a great idea to tell other people about it. It is best to tell people who are in the same line of work as you are. An equal understanding of what your goals are and what you are doing to accomplish them. Once you are able to share your goals, you will feel happier and more excited. Please visit the Part 3 of the video. ---------------------------------------- Get your Odd jobs done. ----------------------------------------- Contact me via this e-mail if you want to produce videos You can also connect with me via ---------------------------------------------- This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:


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